Have you decided to register with Walters People, or are you going to start your first job with us? Here you will find some useful information to help your assignment run smoothly.

What to expect during your interview at Walters People?

  • Face-to-face interview (+/- 60 minutes), depending on your work experience
  • During the interview we provide you with information about our company and how we work
  • Discussion of your CV and job requirements in order to have a better understanding of what kind of contract and job you are looking for
  • Bring your identity card (not your driving licence)
  • Bring two references


Your temporary employment contract is ready for you in our office. One copy of this contract should be signed and returned to Walters People.

In the case that your contract is prolonged, we contact you in order to inform you about possible changes and discuss your preferences and availability. A new contract will be written and a copy of this contract must be signed prior to the start date of the renewed contract.

For questions concerning your contract, you can contact your consultant in charge or our office.

Who is my employer when I start working at Walters People?

When you start working for Walters People, we become your legal employer. This means that you should inform us at all times of any absences, work-related accidents or other issues which might be important for your payroll. You remain, however, also subject to the working conditions of the company where you are situated on a daily basis.

Working hours/Time sheets

At the start of a new assignment, we will email you a timesheet template. This Excel file needs to be completed, printed and signed by both your Manager and yourself. Don’t forget about your possible travel costs and the receipts. Once signed, you are expected to fax/email it to our office. Time sheets received before noon on Mondays will be handled that same week.


Your salary will be calculated according to the working hours you indicated on your timesheet. That's why it is important that you complete and return your time sheet.

The time sheet should be with Walters People before Monday 12pm, in the week following on from the previous work week, to guarantee a payment in that same week. In cases where we do not receive the signed time sheet before this deadline, payment will only be effective on the following week.


  • You are entitled to holidays, based on the days/hours worked in the period before.
  • Before taking leave, ask your Manager for approval and inform Walters People (one week in advance).
  • To know exactly how much time off you are entitled to, please contact our office

Public holidays

You are entitled to be paid for any public holidays  that fall within the period of your assignment if it is a holiday that permanent staff are entitled to, regardless of how long you have been with the company. You must state on your time sheet if and how long you have worked on a public holiday, so we can apply the correct wages where applicable.

What to do in case of illness?

  • Inform your employer as soon as possible
  • Inform your Walters People Consultant or Our Payroll Responsible
  • Send your medical statement to us by email within 48 hours. This is also the case for 1 day of illness

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