Not feeling as challenged as you used to? Finding it hard to stay motivated in your role? This is normal!

With time your interests and goals are going to change, so it’s only natural that you are ready to take your career in a different direction. We’ve outlined a few signs that you can look out for that might indicate it’s time to look for your next job.

You feel time dragging

You might begin to feel yourself constantly clock watching, when before you couldn’t believe how quickly the time would pass. You might have stayed late in the past or even come in early to take on extra projects, but now you find yourself counting down the day hoping it goes by as quickly as possible. You might notice you are more inclined to have sick days or anything you can to take on the minimum amount of work. Feeling no enthusiasm can make you feel very bored and unmotivated.

It is possible that you have outgrown your role, and you don’t feel as challenged as you used to be. Consider the fact that it could be time to make a switch to something that excites you again.

You’re constantly tired

Do you find yourself struggling to get up in the mornings and struggling to stay motivated throughout the day? Are you in lower spirits than usual and feeling you have no energy?

This could be tell-tale signs of workplace stress. If not dealt with, it can affect your mood and your wellbeing, making you feel lower than usual and run down. It’s important to listen to your body and take necessary actions.

You’ve outgrown your current position

It may be the case that sometimes you may just not get the same fulfilment out of your role as you once did, and this happens naturally to most professionals. It’s important not to feel guilty about it and to accept that you have simply outgrown the position. The positive is you have developed and increased your skills, and you’re ready to take the next step. If this sounds like your situation, it may be time to think about looking at a more senior role with more responsibilities and bigger challenges.

The company doesn’t mean as much to you

You may start questioning the actions of the organisation, and you don’t have as much confidence in them as you once had when you first started. Maybe you’re not as happy with the culture or the atmosphere, and you find yourself constantly comparing it to other companies.

If you find yourself thinking the grass could definitely be greener, maybe consider looking at companies who have strong values that match what you believe in and culture that would suit you better.

You go unnoticed

Do you sometimes feel invisible, like your hard work and efforts are not being acknowledged? It could be that new employees have joined your team, and you feel their work is being prioritised and your work is being overlooked. Perhaps structural changes are limiting the impact you used to have in your role.

Every individual should feel valued to gain confidence, progress and deliver. If you’ve done all you can to try and promote your hard work and encourage a better atmosphere, maybe it is time to try something fresh where you will feel like you are as valued as you should be!

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