You’ve just accepted the job you’ve always wanted, and you are thrilled! But its important not to get carried away just yet and to remember the importance of leaving your current job in a professional manner. Here’s five key things to think about on the countdown to your resignation.

Talk to your manager

Inform your manager as soon as possible after you have accepted your new job. Try and arrange a meeting face-to-face as it will show a lot of respect rather than a letter or email. Be prepared for tough questions you might be asked about why you wanted to leave and why the new offer is a better one. Have your answers ready and make sure they are valid reason that you can back up.

Received a counter offer?

It is common to be hit with a counter offer upon announcing your resignation to your employer. Sometimes, they will try and convince you to stay and maybe offer additional benefits or increased salary. Its important not to get carried away with this, think clearly about your offer by weighing up all the pros and cons and always remember the reason why you wanted to leave in the first place. If you decide against it, prepare a valid reason why and politely reject.

Important actions

Always remember to read up on your contract and ensure you follow through with the correct resignation process. Handovers and notice periods are important here and should always be handled professionally. It may happen that your employer could then ask you to extend your notice period as they struggle to find a replacement, and you may need to be there then to provide the correct handover training. Ensure you are giving valid reasons

Stay in contact

Ensuring you resign in a professional manner is a great way of keeping in touch with colleagues and managers in not only a professional but a social manner too. It’s always nice to send out your personal email address on your last day to those you would like to keep in touch with or connect with them on social platforms.

Before you start

In the lead up to starting your new job, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself. Things like connecting with new employers on LinkedIn will make yourself known to them and gives you a way of getting in touch with them if you need to ask any questions before you start- it is always good to check in and see if there is anything you need to do before your first day.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, always remember you were selected by your employer over other candidates, and they have confidence that you will be the best fit. 

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