Employer attitudes towards contract workers has changed dramatically over the past years in Ireland. Traditionally, contractors were utilised for projects, long term sickness and maternity cover or to bypass headcount restrictions, but as the quality of professionals in the market improves, employers are seeing the value that contractors can bring to their businesses. With Ireland reaching full employment and companies competing for talent, many employers are turning to contract options as a solution to ease their increasing workloads and skills shortages.

Sarah Owen, Director of Walters People Ireland said:
“We have seen companies shift towards contract hiring as a solution to overcome the candidate shortage in Ireland. There has been an increase in the amount of contracts with a view to go permanent as employers and employees both see it as an opportunity to determine if it is a good fit.” 

The increased demand for contractors has come at a good time, as more than half of professionals in Ireland are open to contract opportunities. One of the main drivers for this growth in contracting is the benefits available to professionals. Two thirds of candidates are using contracting as a way to improve their skill sets and more than half say that they would take on contract roles for an increase in remuneration and better work/life balance than what permanent opportunities can offer.

However, some professionals are still slightly hesitant to contract, with less than half not willing to pursue contract roles due to their fear of long-term job instability.

Sarah Owen continues:
“With candidates recognising the benefits of what contract roles can offer them, we will continue to see the candidate perception surrounding contracting change. With higher salaries, better work life balance and the ability to up skill quicker, professionals will open themselves up to more opportunities in the Irish market.”

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