Walters People invests in its consultants through intensive training and guidance. Walters People has a unique Recruitment Academy training programme that brings together experience to familiarise new consultants with the recruitment industry as quickly as possible.

During your first eight weeks at Walters People you will be supported and guided by our talent development and management teams through the Walters People Recruitment Academy lead by our Academy Lead, Jess Lance. 

In the form of an extensive training program, the Academy provides you with the tools you need to be and remain successful. This program is aimed at training new consultants to the top in our field. We ensure that you discover what your strong qualities are, how you can use them effectively and at which points you can still develop to get the most out of yourself.

The program is subdivided into the following stages segments across an eight-week period:

Why Walters People Recruitment Academy?

The Recruitment Academy is an eight-week structured training programme designed to immerse new starters into the Walters People culture and values, and the life of a recruitment consultant.

Over the course of the programme, you will be educated on all elements of the recruitment process, from candidate management to basic sales training and negotiation. You'll also receive cross-team buddy mentoring sessions from managers and directors, video-based learning and on the desk support from your academy lead from day 1.

The Academy sets you up for success and is also a fantastic opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of the business and your market.

What are the key career benefits of taking part in the Recruitment Academy?

The Walters People Recruitment Academy instils the best behaviours from the start of your career, you will start your time as a recruitment consultant already on the path to success. During the academy, natural strengths and weaknesses will be identified and so can be worked on at an early stage in your recruitment career working alongside like-minded individuals throughout the process, building your peer group early on at Walters people.

Where can the Recruitment Academy take you?

Once you have graduated from the academy, you will be fully equipped with the skills you need to join your team, performing a 360° role and ultimately have the best start to your recruitment career.

You will have a clear career plan and targets, so you know exactly what is needed to progress all the way up to director level. Ultimately, you will get out what you put in, but you will be supported thoroughly by your managers, peers, and the academy lead.

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