Operating in highly connected business hubs, Walters People use a variety of candidate sourcing tools to attract candidates from locations across the Ireland.

Where candidate pools are tight locally, we can leverage our international Walters People office network, with a focus on identifying candidates that are prepared to relocate internationally for the right opportunity.

Our candidate sourcing strategy includes:

  • Database and Networking Search

    A thorough database search will be conducted identifying individuals currently registered with Walters People across our network of offices that have the skill set and/or are located geographically suited to your requirements.

    Robert Walters Group has one of the largest and most comprehensive databases in the market and it is continually updated. We have access to more than 525,000 candidates on our global database who are actively looking at opportunities.

  • Job Board Advertising

    We create campaigns which are advertised on the leading job boards to attract active and passive candidates for the roles.​

    Featured jobs appear in a prominent position on the Walters People homepage, which receives over 100,000 visitors per month.​

  • Diversity and Inclusion Tools

    The Walters People D&I Advertising Solution is specifically developed to support businesses with reaching and attracting diverse candidate pools through specialist D&I advertising channels, innovative data analysis and inclusive advert writing technology.

    Find out more about our D&I approach here.

  • Competitor Insights

    Through our data research we can tell you what professionals are looking for in an employer and compare your offering to that of your competitors to ensure you know how to attract and retain the best talent.

    • What professionals value most in an employer
    • How your brand is perceived in the market
    • Changes needed to attract the best talent
    • Key hiring trends within your industry
  • Social Media

    As the only recruitment agency to have a business analyst team, Walters People utilises advanced metrics on social media platforms, including LinkedIn, to identify high-potential candidates with the desired skills sets.

    Leveraging this knowledge allows us to refine candidate sourcing through LinkedIn and target identified candidates through multiple channels, encouraging applications from the most closely-matched professionals.

  • Targeted Online Advertising

    On average websites only ever manage to sell 40% of their advertising inventory. Key positioned buttons, banners and skyscrapers are left unsold. Sites that are actively involved in “Real Time Bidding” (RTB) release unsold inventory to “the wider market” and allow agencies with the capability to bid for the remaining slots at heavily discounted prices. Walters People uses an agency that allows us to benefit from this.

    A significant number of job related websites, LinkedIn, national media and sector specific websites trade via this medium. This tool allows us to make the advert visible to candidates who have either searched for similar roles in the past, or those that match the profile we are after. The adverts link​ through to the microsite. The campaign can also target interest related websites where we feel the right professionals will browse.

  • Salary and Benefits Benchmarking

    Companies often come to us wondering whether their salary and compensation packages are in line with those offered by similar organisations. Few employers have access to data tailored specifically to their business; this can be an invaluable guide to combat potential issues affecting overall business success, including talent lost to competitors, poor use of time and financial penalties.

    Find out more about our benchmarking service here.

  • Targeted Search

    We will carry out a search exercise conducted by our in-house team of researchers. This is a very focused and specific way to target individuals of interest. A target list will be drawn up with the names of organisations known to have individuals with the skill set you require. This process will, of course, be undertaken in a professional and discreet manner.

    Robert Walters Group is the only recruitment consultancy to have a business analyst team dedicated to researching and analysing the market. Using multiple data sources, the team looks at movements, conditions, gender and demand, amongst others analytics. With access to the latest technology disrupting the recruitment market, they have become experts on making recommendations on the best  possible candidates matching the vacancy. This allows your organisation to have data-backed decisions for each step of the vacancy.

    Leveraging this knowledge allows us to refine candidate sourcing through LinkedIn and other platforms and target identified candidates through  multiple channels, encouraging applications from the most closely-matched professionals.

  • Events and Networking

    We host a series of events throughout the year including conferences, panel events, awards, fundraisers and entertainment. Attending a Robert Walters Group event provides you with the perfect opportunity to network with your peers and gain further insight across a breadth of recruitment topics, from fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace, to visualising the future of work.

  • Content Marketing

    We provide high-quality targeted career advice for professionals who looking to advance their careers, in a variety of sectors.

  • Market Mapping

    Using our established data model we evaluate the availability of professionals to ensure our searches find the best talent through data led marketing campaigns across job advertising, social media and pro-active headhunting.

  • LinkedIn Talent Pipelining

    Walters People utilises the pipeline builder tool on LinkedIn, assisting with the recruitment of multiple candidates - even for the roles that are traditionally hard to fill.

  • Branded Microsite

    Walters People will create and host a bespoke branded microsite for the recruitment campaign. The microsite is created to showcase the client brand and act as the central hub for a wider marketing campaign to generate the best candidates. Hosted on www.walterspeople.co.uk and utilising the site’s strong performance, the dedicated microsite will showcase your brand and feature all live roles.

  • Adify

    Adify is a bespoke, in-house model for analysing and assessing job advertisements. The online tool analyses job adverts, flags any gender bias and assesses the overall readability of the role advert.

    Walters People will test the written advert on the platform to assess the tone, time to read, wordcount and the use of masculine and feminine gendered words and make adjustments to ensure the advert is both engaging and inclusive as to not alienate or discriminate against the identified target audience.

  • Aggregate Advertising

    As the world’s #1 job site, with over 150 million unique visitors every month from over 50 different countries Indeed  is an aggregate website that pulls the results from all job boards into one place. Walters People would organise a sponsored jobs campaign with Indeed to increase the visibility of the job listings for a set period of time to help fill positions faster. Sponsored jobs are prominently positioned at the top of search results to help drive results and will go through.

  • Referrals

    With a competitive referral scheme, we draw upon our ongoing relationships with our talent network to encourage quality candidate referrals. ​

  • Video Advertising

    Video allows job opportunities to be brought to life, by giving candidates a more authentic, informal insight. Video is argued to be more engaging and inclusive than text only (UK adults are more likely to share (39%), comment (36%) and ‘like’ (56%) an online video than they are a text article).

    Tailored, inclusive, hyper-targeted content can be created and shared with our expertise.

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