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Managing gaps in your CV

Wondering how to explain gaps on your CV? Take a look at our top tips on how to justify them. Read more.

How to screen a job advert

Are you looking to change careers? Walters People provides you with hands-on advice on finding relevant job offers.

How to be successful in your temp or contract job

Are you ready to start contracting? These top tips will make sure that you become successful in your temp or contract role.

3 ways to discover a company’s corporate culture

Are you ready for your next career move? You’d better check on the company’s corporate culture before you apply.

Here's why you should take on a temp role

Are you thinking about taking on a temp role? These reasons will help you make up your mind about temping

5 tips to help you get a promotion

Are you ready to take on more responsibilities in your current position? These 5 easy tips will help you climb the ladder at work.

Our best interview tips

Do you have a big interview coming up? These top tips will help you to nail your interview and make it your best one yet!

What to do when you've been counter offered

So you've just been offered a new role and handed in your notice, but now you've been counter offered. What do you do? Read our tips on how to deal with a counter offer.

How to negotiate your salary

The first rule to follow when looking to renegotiate your salary is to acquire as much information as possible in advance before any discussion begins.