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Six essential Skype interview tips

As online interviews become more common, professionals should not be surprised if the interview take place through video conferencing.

Preparing for video interviews

Video interviewing isn’t new. Far from it, in fact. Hiring managers and recruitment agents alike have been using tools like this for years now. However, our industry-leading platform just makes it all that easier!

Our best interview tips

Do you have a big interview coming up? These top tips will help you to nail your interview and make it your best one yet!

Master behavioural interviews

As employers refine their recruitment processes, behavioural interviews are becoming increasingly popular. Make them a success with our tips.

Interview follow up – 4 top tips

Interview follow-up can play a key role in giving you an extra edge over other candidates when looking to secure a job.

How to ace an interview

Making sure you are prepared with well thought out answers that you can deliver with confidence will give you an edge over the other candidates.

6 frequently asked interview questions

In most interviews some questions come up more frequently than others, so it's best to prepared for these with strong and confident answers. Find out what these questions are and how to answer them.

5 tips to ace phone interviews

Phone interviews are essential to create a great first impression and make sure you proceed to the next stage of the interview process.

5 questions to avoid asking

One of the most important parts of interviews is that you ask questions to show your interest in the role. However, there are some questions which should never be asked. Find out what these are here.

4 tips to make a great first impression

Learning how to make a positive first impression is a powerful tool which will help you present yourself in the right light.

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