What are hedge funds looking for when recruiting at the moment and what are their main concerns in the current jobs market? 

Attracting the right talent is obviously key to the success of any business. Hedge funds are no different – they need traders who are capable of making the right decisions at the right time and operational staff able to facilitate this growth in the first place.

What do I need to secure a job in a hedge fund?

Good academics and a strong performance track record throughout their career is vital to securing a job in a hedge fund, as is credibility within the market. Strong product knowledge and a proven capability to market these products are also key requirements.

Which areas are hedge funds recruiting in?

The main driver to change for the past few years has been increased regulatory pressure. This has caused firms to look to bolster their risk and compliance teams. More generally, investor strategy and general market conditions are always key to defining recruitment trends across the industry. This means we continue to see a relatively healthy volume of hedge fund jobs across finance, front office and operations functions.

How can firms ensure that they employ the right staff?

The best people are typically attracted by a fund’s performance and brand, but firms can take certain actions themselves to ensure they recruit the right staff. Having adequate due diligence checks in place, in terms of referrals and background, can determine the quality of a potential employee. But these checks – along with the rest of the recruitment process – must be carried out quickly and efficiently as the best people tend to be in demand and may have a number of options to choose from. At an interview, ‘selling’ the potential of the business and the role can also make a big difference.

Overall, is regulation seen as a threat or an opportunity?

Potentially, it could be an opportunity. Hedge funds with strong infrastructure that comply with more stringent regulations will be able to attract larger investors and more business as operational due diligence processes have become key when allocating capital to hedge funds.

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