How to SCREEN a job ADVERT


If you start looking for a new job, you often get overwhelmed by job adverts.

To avoid having to investigate every single one of them in detail, Walters People provides you with some practical screening tips that will make you find your ideal job in no time.



1. Start by filtering your job offers

Not sure what kind of job you’re actually looking for? Then you’d better figure that out first. Think about what you like doing, what your ambitions are and what you consider to be important job wise. Once you have specified this, you’re ready to filter job adverts based on relevant job titles.

In addition, ask yourself how much time you want to spend commuting and take this into account by filtering on region as well. You’ll notice the stream of job adverts will become a lot more manageable.

2. Take account of the job requirements

When you stumble upon an interesting job advert, check if you qualify for the role. If your competences and experience level match the required skillset, you probably make a good chance to be invited for a job interview. You don’t need to comply with all job requirements, by the way. That  perfect candidate simply doesn’t exist. 

3. Find out more about the company

Do you meet most of the job requirements, then start researching  the company that issued the job advert. Explore if you can identify with the company’s core business and corporate culture. Even if a job is extremely interesting, a major difference in values and standards will eventually cause you trouble.

4. Elaborate on the job description

Are you convinced by the job advert and the company as well? Elaborate a bit further on the job description. It will give you an idea of the job responsibilities and what will be expected of you.

When certain things are unclear to you, don’t hesitate to contact the recruiter. Contact details can often be found at the bottom of the job advert. By reaching out, you demonstrate you’re really interested in the job.

5. Start using job alerts

Now you can easily identify the most appealing job adverts, you can speed up the process of job searching even more by saving your search criteria. Most job boards offer the possibility of creating job alerts based on these criteria as well, allowing job adverts to be delivered automatically in your inbox. 


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